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How can I find a computer when the library is busy?

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There are over 70 PC computers and two Macs upstairs in the talking zone, and over 30 downstairs in the quiet zone.  There are also laptops available for checkout at the circulation desk. 


Usually computers open up within 5-10 minutes on busy days.  The busiest times are 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM Monday -Friday. There are several options available during very busy times: 


  • If you need a computer for school work, ask at the Reference/Information desk and a librarian will find you one, or they will make an announcement asking those not doing school work to offer you theirs.
  • There are computers available with printing in the D Building Cyber Café, T building open lab, and U building Cyber Café.
  • There are computers without printing available in the C Building Prarie Study Room, and halls of T, A, B and L Buildings.